Large Vintage Solid Brass Mounting Bracket with Wingnut - GE Novalux Light No. 3

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Price is for a single bracket

These brackets fit the mounting yoke for the GE Novalux copper light. When I found these brackets, they were being used to mount some smaller spotlights. They once originally held large GE Novalux copper lights. They are solid brass and well built. It has two bolts with threaded nuts on the either side and a fixed bolt in the middle that runs all the way through it with a nut on the bottom and large wing nut with the number 3 on it to secure any acceptable item on top.

You can see what they looked like before I cleaned one up. They look great either way... original verde patina or polished bright brass... depending on their application and use. I will take a little less if you want to keep the original patina. If you're looking to mount an old Novalux light and want an original mounting bracket, this is perfect. I can only imagine the other types of projects these would good for.

Dimensions: 6" wide x 3.75" tall x 3.5" deep -- 3.3 pounds

Price is for one bracket. I have 10+ of these and may be able to get more.
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